LA MIRADA ACTUAL January 4, 2014
Iluminada García-Torres investigates in her Digital Geometry, Mumbai Bombay. text by Julia Sáez-Angulo
ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (ELCHE 1949) investigates in her Digital Geometry artworks that she denominate Mumbai Bombay, in wide view and reflection on Asia.
In fact all her work in geometric abstraction begins with the proposal that she formulated in the catalog of her exhibition Combinables in 1993, where is the origin and the mathematical reason that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES has developed in the geometry digital works, Tokyo, Beijing and now Mumbai Bombay, in hers Asian contemplation. She declares that after the New York digital geometries, she became interested in Asia in concepts of musicality, color and though.
text by Julia Sáez-Angulo             
International Association of Art Critics, AICA
2015.Text in catalog, exhibition GEOMETRIA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD geometría digital de ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES, in Centro Municipal de exposiciones de ELCHE-ELX, 15may- 6september 2015
​Las líneas trazadas en los cuadrados, horizontes que se expanden en musicalidad, expresan una percepción de la mirada de Iluminada García-Torres a su obra de arte geométrico.
  GEOMETRIA, COLOR y MUSICALIDAD  by ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES  Centro Municipal Exposicions de ELCHE, 15/05 - 06/09, 2015

Av. General Marvá 14, 1ºizquierda, 03004 Alicante. España SPAIN
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Selection of texts written by art critics of exhibitions made by ILUMINADA GARCIA TORRES (1949) of Geometric Art: Pictorial, Sculpture and DIGITAL Geometry that she started in 1991 with COMBINABLES and TRAZADO ESPACIAL CONTINUO  formulating continuous mathematics and geometry for hers works. Previously, she worked 25 years (1965-1990) in landscape painting, geometric architecture compositions and in the two paintings that ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES made of the ARIADNE the marble sculpture (1986-88) in the MUSEUM of PRADO, MADRID. 

1949 Elche Elx (Alicante) España
1965-1970 Studies Professor Drawing in the Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid and Faculty of Fine Arts COMPLUTENSE UNIVERSITY, MADRID. In the first course the teacher of  ILUMINADA GARCIA-TORRES is the painter Antonio López García and in 1969 Eusebio Sempere, year that he reconciled the teaching with the research at the Computing Center, Complutense University of Madrid.
Av. General Marvá 14, 1ºizquierda, 03004 Alicante. SPAIN